The funniest cars in the world

     House tools such as high heels, cellphones and even plans or animals also can become endless inspiration for car designers all over the world.
     In the world of car industry, it can not deny that car fans are very familiar with concept cars or hot rods. Every year, millions of fans flock to go to car exhibitions to contemplate the most modern and creative cars with their own eyes.
     Some of people even prove themselves in showing their creation which are not inferior to any designers of  prestigious branches. All of you must highly appreciate them when seeing their spirit sons. It takes much time for the funny car reunion but I will show you some of them. They were born to be the second to nothing. These funny and eccentric cars are said to be not only means of transport but also works of art.
     They are …
1. The high heel car
     This car is actually a motorbike and takes inspiration in the high heels of women. The motor and the frame system is Harvey’s. The driving part is designed as the steering wheel of a car. It is arranged with three wheels based on the engine and basic part of an antique motorbike.
2. The pig shaped car
      There have been many cars designed in the shape of a pig in the world but the most impressive one is the version of the pink pig which are designed from the frame of the C-Class Mercedes. This pig is pink and covered with a radiator net looking like a pig head. Two ears of this pig are the mirrors mounted at two car windows. The Greenpeace used this special car to travel around the world and  to campaign against air pollution and climate change as well as animal right protection.
3. The fat car
      The fat car was gave birth to by a sculptor Australian, Erwin Wurm. The Fat is made on the Porsche and its cover are full of polyurethane foam, fiberglass and lacquer foam. The first time when this car was exhibit was in 2005 at Xavier Hufkens exhibition at Belgium in order to alert the rise of obesity of rich countries.
4. The funny car
     This is the Funny which can make anybody laugh when looking at. It must be made while the author was thinking of a cartoon character. Its cover is the laughing mouth with white teeth and the body is orange. Inside the car are two seats.
5. The telephone car
     Volkswagen Beetle is one of car series which are tuned up most. The most noticeable version was made by Howard Davis. He turned the seventy-five years old Beetle into a red antique telephone with wheels. Davis once drove this car around the Unite State.
     This car was ordered by the Datel Datel Communications and it even has its own Facebook page. Remarkably, the most exciting function is that the traditional horn is replaced by a phone ringing tone.
6. The UFO car
     Another hot rod of the Volkswagen Beetle is the UFO car whose another name is The Flying Saucer Volkaswagen Art Car. This model was took to an Art gallery at Rock City, Nevada where people say many flying saucers were seen. The car is designed rather odd with aluminum panels making a circle.
7. The missile car
      This is the brainchild of Ron Heitman, a resident of Ohio, The United State. This man created the car with infinite passion. It is made from an old missile of Cleveland entertainment park in 8.5 meter length and the appropriate maximum speed is 218 kilometers per hour. As a result, it is wide and “modern” enough to carry about 10 adults or 15 children. This car at current is often hired for birthday, meetings or wedding parties.
8. The banana car
     Fruit always inspire designers to new model of car. The banana car was made by an eccentric English man, Steve Braithwaite. He spent 25.000 dollars on tuning the 1993 Ford F-150 into a big yellow banana. It is worth mentioning that he take the inspiration at a gas station where he saw a dish of fruits. According to him, the perfect car was in the shape of a banana.
9. Tang Hua Detroit Fish
      Recently many manufacturers have tried much in a making amphibious car. Look at the picture, it is fish but it can not swim. Tang Hua introduced the “Detroit fish” at Detroit Auto Show in 2008. This car is like not only fish but also a mini version of a bus or a yellow submarine.
10. The Rinspeed X-Trem
     X-Trem concept was constructed in 1999 by Rinspeed manufacturer of Switzerland. This model is considered as a hydroplane with capacity of load and unload goods with the behind crane. This is made based on the frame of the Mercedes G-Wegen and motor of V8,5.5 litter. Though there no car door designed but the seat is enough for two people.
     The Rinspeed is always dynamic to manufacture unique cars. Recently a Rinspeed car has been made from a BMW3 and its steering wheel is able to turn from the left to the right and vice versa. More remarkably, this car even can “swim” into water like a true hydroplane or float on the water surface like a boat with the support of the fins.
11. The Troy horse
      This funny car belongs to Larrt Fullertion sich 1960s until he died in 1981. It won the NHRA championship in 1972 and at the same year, it made a world record. People have tuned this car like a true troy horse and inside are seats for passengers.
12. Youabian Puma
     Youabian Puma is the car model which are born to be the center of attention. This ugly odd green car is not famous for beauty or emerged function but the 1.1 million dollars valued.
     Dr. Kambiz Youabian manufactured and introduced this car the first time at LA Auto Show 2013 and even acted angrily as well as dared to sue journalists who said his car was so ugly.

Define A Top Necessary Tool For Your Automobiles – OBD2 Scanner

We are going right into the era of technology and information. Nowadays there are a lot of hi-tech items to help us. Even your car or automobile now is going to be more and more old-fashioned, because new modern models are being launched every season. But you always know, we can not keep up changing so fast like that if we do not have enough financial capacity, and mechanical things going wrong sometimes is just very likely, and unavoidable.

Hence, introductions of new fixing tools are very necessary and crutial in our normal lives.

Something just happened with you beloved automobile, and you don’t know what’s wrong with it? Don’t worry, people can create that kinds of things. Now you do not need to go outside to know that, you can definitely buy an own OBD scanner to know what is happening.

If you do not know, an OBD scanner stands for On-board diagnostic’s System, is a gadget that can seek problems with your automobile in a very convenient and simple way. The first version is 1996 model. Its parts include a PC interface, which gives a standard monitoring engine and can benefit auto operators.


There are basically 2 kinds of code readers: one is incorporates code OBD 1 cars, the other is OBD2 Scanners which are designed for newest auto models.

Also, you can detect any potential issues that can make it difficult for your automobile. That is the reason why you always need to have your own one. Especially for those usually struggle with the car frequently, you should choose the best OBD2 scanner ever!

We would like to explain to you, what is a good OBD2 tool, and help you to choose the right one. It is not about fixing the problems only, it can also help you save your precious time, with energy and money as well.

A basic OBD2 scanners can help the driver to give disgnostic information of your car. It is used by plugging into a car, it will show the real-time data, the engine condition, also make a total examination from inside to outside, which means a check-over to a car from top to toe.

Nowadays, the newly advanced models are even more ideal. They have very uniques featuring functions that all the best code readers should have. First is ability to read voltage signs, which can be saved on fault screen. It helps to figure out the problems, but preserve the car operator time and money at the same time, with a very fast speed!

Also, they give you a provision to disable any check engine light. Your emission status is also updated and informed to you. The information is displays in alphanumericly way. Every code will match with an explanation according to the problem types that your car suffers from. In stead of asking someone elso to find reasons for any problem, you can look up on the web any code interpretation to help you figure out the solutions.


For those used to use these scanners, they said that the assessing process of the overall performance is really amazing. That means you can always identify any likely issues that can happen to your car, even before any damage goes to it when you are on travelling! What a pragmatic and must-have item for all of car drivers, especially for those who have to travel by car a lot.

Do not hesitate for a very versatile tool that is extremely benificial for yourself and your car. However, remember that a few scanners are probably not suitable for your type of automobiles, especially those for particular purposes. Just be assured that it is the right one for your car type, everything will work out effectively.

Can funny car promotion help your brand memorable?

You can always find the stickers for commercial in such funny cars on the roads nowadays. Even very big brands, like Ford, Toyota, Honda…, use this kind of promoting to push their sales. It is proved to be more effective and less cost-consuming than any other forms. Sometimes we can see very hilarious compaigns with their cars. Even some automobile brands also learn this way, promote funny ads on their vehicles.


There are a lot of ways for companies and their marketing executives can do, to promote sales. But whatever the forms they choose, the markets, and customers seem to be so saturated that they can’t eat up any more. Interesting stuffs are good, but what if you have to meet tons of new ideas everyday? I guess no.

Look at the social websites era, such as Facebook or Twitter, a new trend can be seen that people now tend to focus on themselves, and all about stating their inside personality, sharing with their friends who they care about, and just only read something involving themselves. Beside the traditional TVCs forms, we would like to stress that we can learn much about these trends to leverage from that, with social networking services and attract more customers.

Hence, gaining attention and impression from the viewers is the utmost important again. How can we utilize this amazing form of promotion? Let’s see those factor include the following:

Make Funny Commercials

Automobile makers decide to make some hilarious commercials and push them on television, of course there is a big reason for them to do that. First, the very understandable reason is, the viewers tend to be interested in, and remember longer something that is funny and hilarious. It is not the serious and tremendous advertisements you can think, even those take long time and cost to make.

When we go to any market to find a car or automobile, actually these funny ads will show you their affect! That is reason why smart brands will choose funny messages, or hilarious pictures, to show on their cars of vehicles to make themselves more memorable. Hence, they wish customers to choose their brand, other than any other one.

If your brand can make a very funny and impressive ads, it will be more powerful than any other kind ever. They will watch your TV commercial, or see your funny car passing by and not changing their looking until they pass! That is the way it works, and it can work very effectively actually, what a good news.

2960320359_b960b5d92c_o (3)

Get Your Brand Name Stick to Minds

Almost every car brand want their one to be stuck on the customers’ brains forever! Then they tend to pick their brand whenever wanting to find a new car. That is the reason why car companies try their best to get their brand stick so they can get more profit from selling cars. If they can make a very funny and memorable advertisements, they are half way on the goal of themselves.

Watch Car Commercials

People can watch TV for learning, seeking information… but the main reason is probably for entertainment. Sometimes those TV ads are so much that viewers can hardly remember all of them, or even do not care what they are watching on the TV, but wait for the next episode of their favorite show. The problem is that those companies will have to make some ads which are funny and impressive enough, to be able to catch any one’s eyes. They tend to choose funny ones.

Remember that, despite any form of advertisement you choose, the funny or serious style, stickers or TV commercials, the uniqueness and creativity are very crucial factors. Do not be same same with any other brands, then you lose. Creativity in promotion is very important, and helps a brand standing out of the common ones in the market.

What Requires You To Be A Funny Car Driver?

For those who may not know, funny cars are not cars with funny stickers or paintful decorations or something like that. It is the genre names of one of the most professional drag racing brands, beside Top fuel, Pro stock… The NHRA, the National Hot Rod Association is the unit to set such strict guidelines for funny car to be approved. Therefore, this organization is the most prestigous and famous for its legal framework for car standards to follow.

On the first words, we would like to introduce you with NHRA rules for drivers.. They make the qualification ratings and rankings, with give the drives the chance to compete in any drag race matches. They are also one of the first to be sanctioned bodies for speed.

Anyone who has the dream of being standing out in the races should at least desire to be a qualified driver confirmed by NHRA. Where it starts is the racetrack, usually ends also at that place. If you want to get NHRA license in their events or others. First, to be able to drive a funny car, you have to learn a lot, from any racing programs which are designed for competitors in seasons for drag racings.


Here under are all the things you need:

  • NHRA membership card.
  • A funny car on your own.
  • License from NHRA.
  • A racetrack.

There are also a lot of requiments. For example, you have to take part in NHRA. If you are a NHRA member, you will get a chance to be a driver in both Top Alcohol Funny Car class or any Top Fuel one, which is very useful for your learning and sharing with others.

While you try to earn a license from NHRA, remember to have your funny car parked in the “Tech” part in right center of the tracks. This is not only for funny car drivers, but also any car that are prepared, and willing to join the race. All of them should strictly follow any rule, or guidance of the organization to pass the test, and the most important, get the license. Wider, checking your car before races is very fundamental. You need check over all the equipment, to see if they are outdated, broken… Correct them all with other security items, such as helmets, belts… too.

Next step, please how your ability for the best of yourselves to operate the engine well, and also to control the car with care and safety, for alcohol and top fuel funny car as well. For the first time, you will be checked by the ability of reasonable reactions to the beginning of the race, and with the launch of engine that is about 5000 horsepower on average. Then is the calm will to get off safely, cut that engine well smoothly and gradually coast down the track.


The second test will be more difficult. They will check your speed, which means relating to launching the engine with full power at a half track, and means you have to be capable of speed up to over 200 miles per hour with safety. In the other half, you would cut the engine, the slowly coast down. Your funny car will be refueled and cooled down for good preservation.

However it is not the end. We need take another third one and then final, then we will be totally qualified for the NHRA license.

Let us explain all the procedure. Next in third round, you will start powerfully, and coast down with power as the same. But the speed you run will decide your type of license you get.

We hope these are some useful tips, or techniques if you call, for your racing funny car desirement.

Your Funny Cars Can Make Life More Interesting!

Motorists can always make an good impression on the other drivers, everytime they are passing by, by decorate their cars into funny ones. And also, that can even make a laugh plus on others’ day. You can actually get a lot of signs, which are funny, unique or ridiculous you like, sometimes hanging a cups, put on some sticker on the car windows, paint color to your vehicle or sign which are magnetic…

Funny cars are said to be very identified and special, that can help you stand out of all the same car designs from manufacturers. People can recognise, not only your car, but also your lifestyle, your charisma. It is just very simple way to release your stress, fag and restriction of all long working day, or a long stuck traffic.


You can find from a lot of resources, from Internet, Google or some auto accessory shops. There are so many ways that people put on their signs. And the other companies, they also rely on these signs to make commercial campaigns by printing on those cars. Whatever you do, it is very crucial to think when making all these signs: they have to be encouraging, and motivating enough, to result in making motorists smile. Moreover, you have to use reasonable words that is not offensive to children.

People tend to find interest in these signs, and they catch them in their eyes in some certain places. But to find very unique designs or special quotes is a a little bit more difficult. Some agencies offer some expensive package of the whole design and brainstorming stuff for brands, and respond the brands’ demand of marketing and promotion. Most funny sayings can be found from some retailing car accessories, which are very impressive and famous, like “Baby on board” and “Mum in the boot”.

Some people only trust in British designing sign brands, which are very professional and specialization in one stuff. Now we have other Asian agencies to offer the much more lower prices, but the quality is relatively good. The problem is how to find a good, reliable agency, and how the negotiation process take places smoothly abroad. There maintains a lot of people who try to find a company of high reputation, not any homemade signs with really bad quality and poor behaviors in cooperating with partners.

On the other hand, custom signs are always available for people to get their personal signage of car window. Whatever kinds of signs you are fond of, please be careful because they can offend any other ones, and of course we do not want that happening. We all want something funny and enjoyable, for anyone to get a smile when passing by, make their trips more interesting and exciting, not wars or quarrels.


In conclusion, if you feel interest in displaying your lifestyle by funny cars, you can seriously think about window stickers, bumper stickers stickers or car signs, which are tailored-made and show your personal taste. Do not consider those popular choices from the market, because not only they do not show anything about you, but they also have no particular traits to create fun to others.

Find a good sources of signs or from any stores is your next step on the way of getting something good for your car. Somehow it is difficult, because some famous stores can have the most common models, that may not come up with your expectations about unique things. However, it all depends on your choice. Wish your best luck to find your favorite funny car!

What can we use car window stickers for?

We should probably all know about those lovely and unique stickers, which are to be on car windows for decoration purposes. A funny car with stickers can display its owner personality, or lifestyle, charisma…

Companies can use those stickers too, to make some marketing or promotion compaign that can be lucrative for their business. Sometimes they call it a venture. It is proved to be very effective in some cases, because of taking a lot of attention of motorists and passengers also. And if your messages are good and impressive enough, they can be stuck in people’s minds.

If you are aware of this very multi-functional tool, you will know how to leverage it. Not only making some good profit for companies and brands, but it also give you opportunity to speak out loud your inside voice.


Window stickers are popular

There actually would be a huge range of choices when you go to the market these days. You can always find something that is suitable for you. You can use the custom service to create your own designs, and those can not be mixed with anyone’s else. In fact, this service is very popular, especially for those using for commercial purposes.

We can suggest you with some common types as belows:

  • Stickers that are used for fun purposes

It is actually a creative way to elicit smiles and laughters to any motorist or passenger who is passing by. The truth is all tension or fague in the busy traffic can be reduced, can these funny stickers can cheer up their mood. I bet there is no better way of it to do that. Moreover, not only entertaining sida, those stickers can show your lifestyle and also charm can be added to your car.

  • Stickers that use family pictures.

Your car can be a family car, used for any picnic or outdoor activity travelling. It is a great idea to decorate your car with a very cosy and loving style. For example your family have dad, mom, kids or pets. Use these funny characteristic stickers to demonstrate your family. What an precious way to express love to the other members, and promote close relationships.


  • Stickers used by the churches.

Some churches, on the way to the congregation, use custom car window to serve as an indentification of themselves. Those stickers can show their faith, and also promote unity as well.

  • Stickers used for business purposes

As we just mentioned, some companies tend to use stickers as a very effective way for advertising activities. It is to gain the community’s awareness for brands. Staffs or employees can benefit from them too, because they will be more identified compare to other companies. It helps to show the business cultures.

These are just a few common kinds of stickers we can suggest you. You can take references from the other kinds: military, alumni, organization or club… and so on. About material, vinyl can be a good one because it is flexible, durable and withstand weather conditions outside. Therefore, vinyl can lengthen the lifespan of stickers.

As a very convenient and easy, creative way to state people’s style, there are more and more people getting to use stickers. Those also can be valuable for interests, hobbies, family values… In conclusion, you can always be free from using any customed stickers to show your best ideas and personality.

How can your funny car show yourselves?

A funny car can amaze you because of its genre can tells a lot about its owner’s personality. Let’s have a check with some common brands below:

Your car is ToyotaCamry

If your car is that brand, it can say that you have a sense of security, pragmatics and responsibility. If you don’t know, ToyotaCamry is always famous for its consistency and such a high trustworthiness, because it is safe and comfortable enough to get you from a place to another at ease. The ToyotaCamry owners can have the tendency of enjoying to be home, and they love their family, try to be a reliable member of their relatives.

Your car is Smart Car

In care your brand is Smart Car, they are super individual oriented, and strongly demand of personal safety. Smart car is very small, diminutive, and they are for riders who have strong minds, to ride such a tiny car among the sea of giant trucks or bid brand cars. They are believes to be determined and can not be affected or prehend by any pressure.

What is more, they tend to be goal oriented, and anyone around them can totally believe in his commitment to working.


Your car is Mercedes Benz

Anyone who rides Mercedes Benz tends to be very successful and outstanding in their field of career. They can ve pharmacist, engineers, businessmen or someone that have high skill and such a high salary, and even have possibility of having a business on their own. These people might care a lot about their social status, and try to build their good social charisma. They want to be noted, and well regconised as well. In other word, Mescedes Benz can be a sign of strong financial capabitity and potentiality.

Your car is Ford F-150

You own a Ford F-150 car? I may say you have very strong and manly personality, and tend to show your tough and powerful side. I be you will not dare to mess with them! Not only male struck drivers who give impression of that, guys with that kind of brand also make you be careful and stave off, even women can drive too. They can be tomboys or tend to do their living at their own charge.

Your car is Toyota Prius

Most people who drive Toyota Prius are strongly responsible for what they do! That kind of cars taks about 50 miles per gallon, and it looks not cool though, but four times more efficient. That is why Prius owners often drive slower then the others. Although it is just from personal observation, but any others also agree with me too.  Then we can gain more belief to say that.


Your car is BMW

BMW owners, somehow, mosly are yuppies. They tend to be more aggressive, and show-off on the roads, which means their horsepower to them, to speed uo and weave in traffic. I can not say that all the BMW owners are like that, but for some reasons I keep on driving on road, and highly annoyed by some BMW turning without any signals.

I hope you will have some fun with this article, although can not assure that they are 100% true. It doesn’t mean to offend anyone. In the end, cars is just means to transport people from places to places.